Immigration Inmate Hotline
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If your loved one has recently been arrested and you are in need of immediate ICE & immigration information, this service is for you.

We can help you with the following:

  • Finding any inmate being held in an immigration jail
  • Find jail booking information such as charges, court dates, immigration bond amounts
  • Jail contact information (phone numbers, addresses, hours of operation)
  • ICE jail information

What Is Immigration Bail Bonds and How Does It Work In Orange County

Have you found yourself or someone you know in need of an Orange County Immigration Bail Bonds? Arrests happen and deportations are at an all-time high in Southern California.

By contacting Orange County Bail Bonds now, we are able to help you find any person that has been arrested by an ICE official and sent to an immigration center.

If an inmate has been sent to a local county jail, but you are positive that they will be picked up by ICE (immigration customs enforcement) then you have 2 options to choose from. You can:

  1. Contact a local immigration bail bondsman in Santa Ana Orange County to get him out of county jail.
  2. Allow ICE to pick him up from county and have him transferred to an immigration camp until seeing a federal judge. At this time he/she will either be released or deported back to the country of their origin.

We always recommend that you contact a licensed bail bonds for immigration to get your loved one out of custody. That last thing that you want is for your friend or family member picked up by an ICE (immigration customs enforcement) and have to go in front of a judge for arraignment.

Call now to receive your free orange county immigration bail bonds quote today at (714)618-0766.

How To Locate An Immigration Bail Bonds In Orange County

When an illegal citizen is arrested and sent to federal custody, he/she will be detained and depending on the severity of the charges, sentenced to deportation out of the United States.

Once the arrested has been sent to a detention facility, booking deputies will begin the process of housing the inmate to the correct department. This is also known as the booking process.

Use our free Santa Ana Inmate Search service to find your loved one today.

By bonding out before being arraigned in front of a judge, you are now able to speak to an immigration lawyer and request the advice that you need to prove your innocence.

In the state of California, you are required to fully collateralize the set bond amount and pay 15{8a4430a15830cee29fb1f71c6849d5bc8fa876fca8ff61758a752a48fab371dc} to a bail bonds company in order for the inmate’s release. Full collateral falls into two categories:

  • Cash Collateral
  • Property Collateral

Here Are The Different Types Of Immigration Bonds

When it comes to immigration and needing a bail bond there are two types while being held in federal holding for committing a crime or being arrested for being within the US illegally. Before you can even bail out of jail you must be approved for bail in the first place. Criminal history plays a vital role in this decision-making process.

The 2 types of immigration bonds are:

1. Delivery Immigration Bail Bonds

2. Voluntary Departure Immigration Bail Bonds

Call the professional Orange County Bail Bonds staff at Orange County Bail Bonds Now to assist you with these services. If we can’t do it, we’ll make sure to guide you in the right direction to an agent that can, that is our promise.