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What Is Bail?

  • Most of the time when you hear someone is arrested you always hear the word "Bail" and a certain amount of money. What happens next is the defendant (accused) will be temporarily released.

Bail is an amount of money set by the court to be paid or any valuable property deposited by the accused to gain temporary release from jail while the trial is still in the process. However, bail requires thousands of dollars. This is the reason even this kind of law exists, many accused fails to exercise it.

Use the Orange County Jail Official Website to find an inmate in custody.

For an accused to avail this right he or she has to pay thousands of cash, and many can't do this for themselves due to insufficient finances. As a result, they end up in jail having to undergo the trial process. Of course, no one wants this to happen.

Aside from paying for bail bonds in Santa Ana or Orange County by means of cash, you can also pay it through a Surety Bond. Another form would be using a property bond. You will use your properties as a collateral for your temporary release.

However, only a few use this as an option because the process leads you to take some time behind the bars. Before the court grants your release all your properties should be assessed and court hearing still needs to be conducted to ensure that all your properties are in accordance with the agreement.

If you are an accused, yet, you don’t have the amount of money required by the court there’s still an alternative way for you exercise the right of bail. This is by way of Bail Bonds.

There are two types of Bail Bonds, Criminal Bail Bond, and Civil Bail Bond.

Criminal Bail Bond is used for criminal cases. The defendant will be released with an assurance that the defendant should appear in trial ensuring that he or she would pay all the penalties against him or her.

Civil Bond’s purpose is for civil cases and ensures the defendant that he or she will pay all his or her debt which includes the interest and other cost charges against him or her.

This idea of Bail Bond came into the industry in 1898 in San Francisco through a person named Peter P. McDonough. But, historically, this idea came from the time of the Akkadians in the city of Eshnunna which is Iraq in the modern day.

How does it work?
To implement Bail Bond, you need the help of a Bail Bondsman, and this why we are here for you. We are going to work together for the court to grant you release while your trail is in the process.

Here in California, the defendant is mandated to pay only 10% of the total Bail to the Bail Bondsman. The Bail Bondsman will act as an agent for you to the court.

For instance, if the total Bail amount set by the court for you is $10,000. You only pay $1,000 for your Bail Bondsman. In other words, you only pay 90% of the total bail amount to the court which will be released by the surety to your Santa Ana or Orange County Bail Bondsman.

Commonly, the institutions that act as your surety are those who belong to the financial industry such as the banks, insurance companies, and other related institutions.

Since the one will act as your surety comes from the financial industry it won’t take you so long to stay in jail. As your Bail Bondsman needs only a few hours to process all the required documents. Contact Us Today to get started now.

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